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First Two songs of 2012

2012-02-29 13:53:25 by Iaruk

I've just put out my first two songs of the year, I know they may not be good and most of the people who read this have probably never heard of me... but anyway Ya haha I have no Idea what else to say other than I hope you enjoy the songs I put out as well as my older ones. peace out

So Four morons

2010-05-16 10:58:44 by Iaruk

For those of you who like my "So four morons buy an apartment " things well I have some news, I've been reworking the entire first episode and am starting the entire series over from scratch so I can build it a bit better, longer, and hopefully funnier in the long run I post this now as I am about 50% done with the pilot episode that explains why these four people..well 2 people a goblin and a tiny thing are together in the apartment in the first place.

For those who don't like the series I did I hope you consider watching episode 0 when I release it :)


2009-12-20 00:25:22 by Iaruk

Sooo my first song hit 1000 listens which is awesome at the time of this post it has 108 votes and 45 downloads..which is awesome but you know for 1000 listens you'd expect at least 100 downloads to go with those votes :D but hey this isn't bad at least for my standards..and also a reason for why I haven't had any new remixs..I've been working on an original song that I like so far but it needs alot of work.. which is why it hasn't been put up here yet :D hopefully I'll finish it before my break but we'll see what happens :)

for my friends who have a hard time with malware

2009-09-25 17:32:35 by Iaruk


(take out the spaces)

1st news post

2009-02-24 19:25:05 by Iaruk

Well..this is my first news post here since I started and I just wanted to give a small introduction to myself, I am Iaruk, I will probably be remix more music then I make flash tho I experiement in both. If you'd like to know further information don't be afraid to comment or PM :P